2020 January

Month: January 2020

29th January, 2020

Increase in the number of cancer patients and how to cure it

Human beings are so occupied these days and engrossed in their work that it is difficult for them to take out time for their health. With such a tedious lifestyle people are moving towards the addiction of alcohol, smoking and many more intoxication habits which are leading factors to cause...

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9th January, 2020

Increasing heart diseases and medications to cure it

The life of humans always keeps changing with the changes taking around them. Change in your lifestyle, diet, age and family history can increase the risk of heart diseases. Heart disease is one of the leading factors causing death but certain times it is avoidable. There are plenty of ways...

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3rd January, 2020

Lead a healthy life by means of diet and lifestyle changes

Maintaining the physical fitness along with the festivities around the corner and having a balanced diet to lead a healthy life is a challenge stepped up in the life cycle of every individual. Keeping your life healthy by means of diet and lifestyle changes will prove to be extremely helpful...

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