7 Apps to Help You Take Care of your Health

Blog7 Apps to Help You Take Care of your Health
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7 Apps to Help You Take Care of your Health

There has been a gradual but significant increase in the number of people suffering from health issues across the world. Obesity rates are skyrocketing and an increasing number of people have been suffering from chronic conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes, and blood pressure. With more and more people relying on the convenience of using smartphones, cars, and fast-food joints, more people are putting ease over health. 

While technology has been directly correlated to these global health issues, every penny has two sides. So, while Zomato is motivating you to order junk food at home, and Uber tells you that you don’t need to walk for a block, you can still find apps that motivate you to take care of your health and fitness. This may include a range of applications whether they are sleep trackers or diet monitors, you can use technology to accomplish any health-related goals. 

Find the right Health application - Remedyspace

It may be difficult to find the right application that suits your needs from the numerous applications present on the apple store or the play store. We’re here to help. Here’s a carefully curated list of applications that can help improve your overall wellbeing- 

ShopWell: Better Food Choices

One of the most important aspects of eating healthy is keeping a track of what you are consuming. In this day and age, it is impossible to avoid packaged food and consume fresh ingredients all the time. Whether it’s a spice mix or an ice cream for dessert, it is very important to know the contents of each item in your shopping cart. ShopWell helps simplify nutrition labels and it helps you look for healthier alternatives to the food you are consuming. It is a customizable interface that will let you enter your allergies, health issues, and dislikes. This app is a great grocery friend if you are looking for. 

MoodPath: Depression and Anxiety

Mental health is still considered a taboo topic and talked about in hush voices. Due to the lack of awareness and social acceptance, there are very few resources, and the lack of verification, most people cannot find the right help and treatment they need for their mental health. It is equally important to not only treat mental illnesses but take measures to ensure mental wellbeing. This is where MoodPath comes into the picture. While it is not an alternate for professional help, it helps you through guided meditation and grounding and can be useful for people who suffer from sleeplessness, insomnia, or anxiety and is highly recommended. 


You’re living under a rock if you aren’t aware of this app. HealthifyMe is one of the most successful apps in this category and has a wide range of functions that can help you work on your overall health. This application has a calorie counter to help you keep track of your portion size and meals. It also has a studio feature that helps users connect to professional trainers and instructors who help you exercise and stay fit. It also includes immunity boosters and trackers to make sure you stay safe even in these trying times. 

Indian Weight Loss GM Diet and BMI Tracker 

While there are several apps that can help you create a suitable diet plan and manage your meals, they tend to include ingredients that are scarcely available in the Asian or Indian markets. Here’s where the Indian Weight Loss GM diet and BMI tracker come into the picture. This app is created for a niche audience and hence is better suited for the requirements of people living in the Indian subcontinent or the surrounding countries. This application helps you plan your diet by including the fruits, vegetables, and foods you would easily find in the market. All those who are looking for cheaper alternatives to the recipes online or want to stick to the Indian palette while dieting should definitely try this app. 


Remedyspace Health App

Remedyspace is an application that helps you with numerous aspects of your healthcare. It allows you to save your prescription and doses and acts as a pill reminder so that you never miss your doses. Apart from this, it also alerts you when your medicines need a refill and you need to make an appointment with your doctor. The unique aspect of using this application is that it helps you connect with users all over the world who are facing similar issues on a public forum. It’s able to provide a sense of community and support to people when they need it, along with tips and personal experiences to tackle similar symptoms. 

1mg- Online Medical Store and Healthcare App

While taking care of your health includes exercising, eating right, and resting, there are still several things such as genetic conditions that affect your health. In these cases, it may be necessary for you to rely on your medicines. 1mg is a great application that helps you digitally order your over-the-counter or prescription medicines that you need in your day to day life. The seamless interface and service are one of the reasons why this app is so popular and one of the many reasons that it made it into this list. 

Once you download Remedyspace applications, you will be able to make necessary changes in your life and switch to a healthier lifestyle and body. Who says health and fitness are expensive and you need to rely on expensive gym memberships or trainers. You can surely turn things around with a few clicks on your phone. So what are you waiting for?

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