Dementia: Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

BlogDementia: Symptoms, Causes and Prevention
Dementia Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

Dementia: Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

What is Dementia?

Dementia is not a disease it is a term used for the collective diseases in which the brain loses its abilities and there is an ongoing decline. It generally occurs in the people who are above 65 and the chances of developing increases as the people get older.
Symptoms Symptoms of Dementia are The person suffering from Dementia suffers from many symptoms and it is mainly because of the loss of memory. It is difficult for an individual to recognize all the symptoms by themselves so some of them are identified by the doctors. Symptoms of Dementia are: (American Family Physician)
  • Memory loss: A person does not remember things and asks the same questions repeatedly.
  • Difficulty in performing regular tasks: Doing day to day activities such as cooking etc. becomes difficult.
  • A decrease in the thinking speed: Not able to think quickly, the thinking process gets slow down.
  • Mental agility
  • Difficulty in understanding language or getting the right words
  • Depression
  • Mood swings and change in personality
  • Socializing decreases
Causes of Dementia When the brain cells are damaged it causes dementia. This damage does not allow the brain cells to communicate with each other properly. It is a hindrance in their communication and it creates the issue in thinking, behavior, and feeling. The brain is divided into different regions and each of them has their roles and they are different from the others. Examples are memory, judgment, etc. The changes in the brain that leads to dementia are permanent and it increases and gets worse with the time.
Prevention of Dementia
Prevention of Dementia risk factors that are closely associated with dementia. There are certain risk factors that are closely associated with dementia. Whereas age factor still holds the major role. Some other risk factors include:
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Bad cholesterol in high level
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Diabetes
  • Blood levels of homocysteine above-average level
It is difficult and there are some dementias which cannot be treated and with time cause more problems. Dementia which is caused due to lack of vitamin and thyroid hormone can be cured using some supplements and some of them can be treated surgically such as brain tumors. The others which cannot be cured presently, there are medicines that are used to prevent the symptoms from being more unfavorable. There are some of them that include the degeneration of nerve and brain tissue. The risks can be reduced by taking care of high blood pressure and cholesterol and stopping smoking.

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