Why medicines need to be taken as prescribed?

BlogWhy medicines need to be taken as prescribed?

Why medicines need to be taken as prescribed?

Inhabitants growth leads the way to change in the manner of living of every individual resulting in an increased number of diseases. Every ailment needs to be cured for that medication is the only way out. Taking medicine is not a task but what is more important is taking right medicines at the right time.

​Holding on to your prescription is a major problem which is prominently seen nowadays. As per the US Drug and Food people are facing lots of problems in intake of the right dose, at the right time in the right way and frequency. The reason behind it can be the lapse of memory, lack in clarity of directions, different drugs with different regimens, troublesome side effects or the treatment doesn’t seem to be effective. Asking price can also be an element to be the cause of medication non-adherence, patients can’t meet the expense to suffice their prescription. fda.gov

This is a prerequisite to mend rather than being in the hospital, so proper medication is necessary. Taking your drugs as advised or medication adherence is prime for controlling chronic state, treating short-term conditions, and comprehensive life long health and well-being. Prescription and over-the-counter pills can work wonders when taken in the correct way, but using them inadequately can harm you.

The more meds you take, there are more chances of getting involved in health issues. That’s why a regular medication examination is a good idea. One aid is that it can help you to become aware of risky medicine combinations. It can also disclose pills you don’t have to take anymore or inappropriate dosages. You may even locate mistakes in the way in which you’re taking your medicines.

Taking Medicines is an integral part of human life. It helps human beings in getting better when they are suffering from any illness. No matter which doctor prescribed you what type of medicine, it’s always important to be cautious and follow some basic rules: ​

  • If you feel unpleasant after taking medicine, tell your physician immediately.
  • Read the label and follow the guidance. Ask if you have a query.
  • Take medicines precisely as advised. If the direction says take one tablet four times a day, don’t take two tablets twice a day. It’s not alike.
  • Ask if the dose is likely to affect day-to-day tasks such as driving or concentrating in office.
  • Don’t take more dose than is approved. It won’t make you cure rapid or feel better rapidly. In fact, an overdose of medicine can make you nauseous.
  • Don’t share prescribed medicine with any other person, even if that person has the same ailment as you do. Medicines are very complex, and the dosages tend to be precisely prescribed according to each person’s needs, under-dosing or overdosing can be harmful. Additionally, someone else’s body can respond differently to a similar drug.
  • Be sure to notify your doctor if you are pregnant or might be pregnant. Some medicines can be injurious to the baby. Also, let your doctor or pharmacist be aware if you are breastfeeding, as some medications can cause problems with it. There is research which shows us the money getting wasted by a country in a year.

It is estimated that over £300 million per year is wasted because patients order medicines that they never use as they forget to intake it and therefore are thrown away. This money could fund:

200 new GP Surgeries or

11,000 more community nurses or

86,000 more hip replacements or

20,000 more treatments for patients with breast cancer or

300,000 more cataract operations or

315,000 more drug treatments for Alzheimer’s


Healthcare cost is one of the major problems arising nowadays and increasing the cost of medicine can crash the living style of many middle-class people. If we talk about the US, it affects the healthcare statistics of the population in a huge way. As per the organization of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences in 2010, the %of Americans without health insurance was 16.3% or 49.9 million uninsured people. www.longdom.org

The people of the US are also termed as medical tourists because they travel to another country to strive for health care. As per an article in 2007, it is evaluated that 750,000 Americans traveled to other countries for medical care whereas, in 2017 more than 1.4 million Americans went to other countries around the world for health care. www.amjmed.com

Conclusion: Medications are taken to diagnose, treat, or avert disease. They come in lots of separate forms and we treat them in many different ways. You may take medicine without any prescription, or a healthcare provider may prescribe it to you. Drugs can be harmful if not taken in a prescribed manner, even when they intend to make our health better. Taking them accurately and perceiving the right course of action to administer them can lessen the risks.

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